July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Melissa loves the products so much she became a coach!

I met Shannon almost five years ago when I went to the gym for the first time ever. She knew the friend I was with and they were saying hello. I didn’t realize she was a trainer at the time but I remember the way I felt when I was introduced.

There was an energy radiating off of her as well as warmth. I’m not exaggerating, it felt like she cared about me. I knew instantly that I liked her. I had no idea the role she would play in my life in the following years.

My adult life has been a struggle with temptation and motivation. I’d go through spurts of healthy eating and exercise and just as easily, or let’s be honest more easily, fall off the wagon into convenience meals and working too much, giving time to everyone else but myself. Shannon has always supported me and reached out to let me know I can do it, there are NO excuses. I’ve never doubted my importance or worth, but I’ve always seen it in terms of what I mean to others.

Shannon has helped me learned to nurture myself. I schedule my workouts, I make time for me. It’s actually possible! Because of her encouragement, I have tried workouts that I normally would have been intimidated by. They’re possible!

I am always impressed by how many people just like me that Shannon is always there for. Her network has allowed me have group support when I want it, I’ve made many new friends who are fitness minded and keep me on track. She also has the ability to make me feel like she has all the time in the world just for me.

I ended up joining the gym after that first trip. I’ve also done many at home workouts and learned to meal prep and eat healthy. I’m not good 100% of the time but I know I have support to get back on track when I need it. I’m stronger, healthier, and smarter than I was five years ago. It was and is a lot of hard work.

I credit Shannon for getting me to this point. I realize now that that first time we met, she did care. She truly wants to make the world a happier, healthier place and she’s succeeding.



July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Shannon has help me in so many ways! When Shannon first became a part of my life I thought that my only goal was to “lose weight and be thin”. While she did help me to lose my weight, she did so much more than that!

She has given me so much knowledge on fitness and nutrition that it not only helps me with my goals of living a fit and healthy life, but I am able to pass this knowledge along to others, most important my family.

She has taught me how to break out of the box and be a supportive person to others and confidant in myself.  Most important, is that she is always there! Whether I’m needing her advice on a workout, meal plan or even just someone to vent to, she always is there willing to listen and ready to help.

My entire family is eating better and my girls are healthier than the other kids in their classes because they eat cleaner and love to exercise with me  😀


July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Shannon has been such an inspiration to me…even though I have a hard time keeping on track, she always checks in with me to see how I am doing and if there is anything that she can do to help me out, and she does!  So thankful for her, she is an AWESOME COACH.


July 6, 2017by highprrrr

I have always had issues with body image. My idea of “healthy” was weighing as little as possible and looking as thin as possible. I had always been able to keep up with my “healthy” goals with my usual activities and food restrictions. However, the older I got the harder it was to stay thin and weigh using my method.

I found myself gaining weight no matter how little I ate and how much I exercised. I gained 20 pounds in just a few years and I reached an all time high for me in terms of scale weight. I was beginning to feel desperate and overwhelmed in my quest to be “healthy”. I knew Shannon superficially from a mutual friend and knew that she was a fitness instructor and coach. I reached out to her and that is when my life and health changed for the better!

I should confess that I am a physician, so hypothetically I should know all of the proper ways to eat better and what it truly means to be healthy. However, I’m still human and I believe what I want to believe. Shannon was honest with me and made me accept things that I knew deep down to be true but never actively practiced.

With her motivation, I accepted her challenge to change my life. She taught me about nutrition and metabolism and the balance between these two things in conjunction with the importance of cardiovascular activity in order to change your body.

Within weeks, I started noticing results. I was eating about TWICE what I used to eat in a day yet I was still shedding the pounds. I had more energy even though I was working out more and expending more energy than I did in the past.

I reached my goal weight within a year.

Once I reached my weight goal, I was challenged by Shannon to create new goals for myself. I started strength training which was a completely new adventure for me. Shannon provided me with so much helpful information to help me get started safely…and when I injured myself she guided me through modifications until I healed.

She is always available to me when I reach out. She is always encouraging when I am discouraged. She is always motivating because she walks the walk everyday which makes me want to walk the walk too!


July 6, 2017by highprrrr

I am fairly new to this program but as soon as I laid eyes on Shannon I knew I wanted her to be my coach. Since then she has gone above and beyond to help with any and all issues I have had.

Shannon always is positive and upbeat I love that and it is contagious. She has called me, texted me to help me when I have needed it. She always makes time for me,  putting my needs first. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is certainly a plus for all she coaches.

She comments every day on our posts and pictures so she’s always on duty.

Thank you, Shannon


July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Shannon has had a great impact on my overall fitness and confidence. She has helped me with my form and the right things to eat. I’m so glad that Shannon has helped me through my fitness journey and welcomed me as a family member.

She gives you tough love if you need it but gives you the reassurance to follow through with your goals.  I have been through 5 programs and lost 20 plus pounds. I can’t wait to see how far I can go!


July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Working with Shannon has completely changed my life! I was always the skinny guy, I ate anything I wanted to, and never worked out regularly. I always wanted to get in shape but never knew how. Before I started working with Shannon I was in a low spot in life, lacking motivation and self-confidence. I knew I needed a change and it was time to accomplish something I have always wanted. I met with Shannon and she got me started with Beach Body’s Body Beast program. She checked in with me regularly and kept me on track, with her help and guidance I have completed Body Beast and now I am working on The Masters Hammer and Chisel. I can always count on Shannon cheering me on, through our messages, social media posts, and Facebook groups. Not only do I feel better, and look better, I have more energy towards life, and sleep better! Shannon’s energy fills a room and motivates you to do better, she is great at what she does and I am so happy to get to work with her.