How to Get What You Want!

February 2, 2018by antiaging guru0

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins. ~Bob Moawad

How long has it been?  How long have you waited for something you really wanted?  Something you had to make happen because you really wanted or needed to do it.

A couple of months?  A year…5 years….your entire life?

Oh, I’m sure you had a really good reason or two…those self-assurances that you’ll promise to make it happen when you have more money, more time, you are less busy, you know, when the time is right.

Has the time EVER been right?

Here is the answer to that…YES the time is always right.  There is never a better time than right now.  When will you ever be LESS busy, have MORE time, MORE money…. MORE confidence?  All those reasons seemed like your perfect way out every single time.  An excuse that made sense at the time,  but where has that time gone?  And you’re still using those same, lame excuses because they are like muscle memory.  Try to understand that you never actually needed a way out of something you want to do.  You need a way IN.

I bet you just did it again.

Then you ask yourself, “why do I always do this, why am I still putting it off?” “What keeps stopping me?”   I don’t know why – everyone has different reasons that the roadblocks are there. We have to dig deep to figure it out and knock them down.

Because you REALLY want changes, but the longer you wait for something, the more daunting and overwhelming it seems.  So, it’s just easier to NOT start, to NOT change a habit.

Then what happens?

You have all those brilliant thoughts and ideas swimming lovingly and longingly in your head, but you just leave them there a little longer because you have to go to the grocery store, or pick up the kids, or go to your unappealing, unsatisfying desk job.  Then you wonder why your husband and family get on your last nerve at night, when all they want is your attention.  So it seems like they are sucking the last drop of life from you.

Guess what…

I’ll bet they never knew that you had other plans for yourself.  They still don’t know that you wish you had gone to Spain, taken that workout class, or that art class, had tried out to be the lead singer in the band that advertised for a new one, or had finished law school, or become a veterinarian.

WHY?? Simply because you never told them.  You never shared with them at least ONE THING that would make your heart race.  Maybe you just thought they would think you’re silly or a dreamer…guess what?

If people weren’t dreamers, we wouldn’t have technology, or movies, or music or exciting restaurants, and a million other things they dreamed of and accomplished because they just went for it no matter what, no matter who balked at the dream. They did whatever it takes to make it part of their real life.

The worst part is that if they had NOT discovered their hidden passions or said it out loud, then they may never have achieved them.  Can you imagine going to your grave and NOT achieving everything you set out to do in this life?

Suppose that you wanted to start eating healthier because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  But the reason you haven’t done it yet was because you would have to prepare two meals.  One for you and one for the family….WHY would you do that?  Don’t you want THEM to eat better too and not get sick and have a longer life?

I really don’t want to hear you say, “because they won’t eat food that’s good for them”.   If you like it, they will most likely eat what you eat. Then THAT will snowball into saving money at the grocery store and no more fast food on the run because you are now planning meals and snacks and everyone is more organized in your house – at least where food is concerned.  And everyone is feeling great! The kids don’t have fast food crap and stomach issues that go along with bad nutrition, and you don’t drive yourself crazy.  YOU, my dear, are NOW in control of at least THIS aspect of your life.

So, that leads to your next conquest…something you and you alone always wanted to try.  Maybe that’s playing an instrument, swimming lessons, taking some classes, learning how to help other people, or just maybe…it was becoming something so exciting that you want to burst every time you even think of it.  Only YOU know that because you never told anyone.

How in the world do you even begin to make this happen?

Choose one thing you really want.  Start speaking up!  Tell your family that you are going to accomplish this with or without their help and support (although that would be ideal).

Start researching HOW to do what you want to do.  Empower yourself with real knowledge.  Don’t hesitate to speak to people who already do what you wish you did.  Because one of these days, YOU will be the one who is sought after for YOUR knowledge.  And if you wait, if you procrastinate yet again, you are going to let time pass and it will be the worst and saddest thing you ever felt.

I can help you decide what to do and help you figure out how to do it.   We’ll find the target, we’ll get your mind cleared of all the clutter and you’ll be on your way.  Time is very unforgiving for those who hesitate.

Contact me now for a free consultation.  It’s finally time.







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