Dump the Bloat – 3 Days

February 12, 2018by antiaging guru0

It’s happening again!

No matter what I do, that stomach bloat won’t budge!  It might be age related, it might be inflammatory foods related.   I try super hard to know what foods are inflammatory and avoid them.  But it’s winter…and even though I have been doing pretty well, it’s still there UGH!  No matter what the season is, sometimes it just hangs on!  I do not hibernate in case you were wondering.

Here’s what I’ve done that works

Mike and I do a 3 day detox a few times a year.  IT IS TIME!  This is not a fast and it’s not a juice thing.  I practice Intermittent Fasting several days a week and LOVE it.  But this is something completely different.  I normally lose 4-7lbs in 3 days and Mike loses 6-10lbs in those 3 days (Men always lose more because they have 30% more muscle on average than women).  The best part is how it makes us feel for weeks after.  It makes me WANT to look in the full-length mirror again.  It makes me feel like my stomach is not a balloon or worse.  I feel sexier and healthier and lighter!!

The first time we did the refresh, I was at a place in my health/wellness journey where I was only looking for pounds lost and visible results. That’s where most of us begin our journey if we’re being honest.

While all of that is just fine, my focus the last time around was the inner transformation both physical and psychological. After all, it is a cleanse that is intended for the inside.  I entered the cleanse this time with the expectation  to regain a handle, a grip on my habits and give my body and digestive system a much needed jump start back into my typical healthy lifestyle.

Before this round with the Refresh begins, I have to say that my nutrition has been pretty good about 60% of the time or more and we’re on the second week of the Body Beast program – one of our go-to workout programs.  And you know, you cannot OUT exercise bad nutrition.  Even though I have not been eating crap or processed foods, I have been taking in more carbs than I normally like.  It’s easy to watch what you’re eating…but it’s also easy to tell yourself, “This is OK for now, I don’t do it all the time.”  Excuses…

Do you live in that self-defeating cycle…

You know, the one where you’re doing really well for 2 weeks or a month, then you fall off and stay off long enough to lose all of your results?  It can be frustrating and agonizing. Then after some unknown amount of time and just eating a few chips here and there, pizza on the weekends, and you can’t button your jeans – that is, if you can even pull them up over your 2 inch wider AGAIN hips.  THEN you just snap!

Is it now that you begin the deluge of self-abuse talk? “This is disgusting, why  have I let this happen again?”  “I am so stupid!”  “What the (bleep) is wrong with me?!” “Get up and start moving chunky – throw everything out of the kitchen!”   Then you feel like you have to start back at the very beginning. At the bottom. By yourself. Miserable. Disappointed. Desperate. Ashamed. because you just don’t want to talk to anyone about it and you feel like you are the ONLY one that keeps doing this to yourself.

Do you still have to make an effort NOT to say to those thing to yourself in times like this?   AND, just for the record, this type of behavior doesn’t play favorites. It takes down women of all shapes, weights, sizes, colors, men too! You are NOT alone.

THIS is the reality…

Those behaviors really don’t accomplish ONE SINGLE THING. Well, maybe they accomplish one thing – they push you farther away from your desired outcome.   Promise me that you will try your best to never ever allow yourself to say those things to yourself again. You and I both know you’re doing the best you can.  You are beautiful.  You are worthy of anything you desire, and you can obtain it.  I literally share all of this because a big part of my mission is to absolutely stop this cycle and help you learn how to retrain your mindset just like you train your muscles.  It’s your brain muscle.  That one between your ears!

The other thing I urge you to consider, is that those behaviors are also a choice and the choice must be made BEFORE you end up at the beginning again.  Don’t live a reactionary lifestyle where you just wait to find yourself in this predicament before you CHOOSE to make a change. Start TODAY!!! Right now.  Stand up, do some squats or jumping jacks, go grab a leash and take that little furball you’re snuggling for a walk.  Just move!  It IS possible. You just have to START and you have to STOP starting over!  Yes you can.

What is it??

It’s simple, non dairy, vegan based for 3 days…THREE DAYS.  There are a few shakes, some veggies, fruits and good for you fats, and lots of water involved. You are always eating or drinking something.  But all things considered, it’s also a mind challenge as well as it is a body challenge. YOU CAN DO IT!  And on the 4th day you’ll feel better than you’ve felt in a VERY long time.

Now, if all of that wasn’t enough to convince you, like I said, I always lose between 4-7lbs in those 3 days.   Just in case you were wondering, I have before and after pictures too, but I choose to save those only for people who are serious about taking the initiative in their health right now!  If you’re interested in seeing them just request it.

The first time I decided to make this change and do something a little different, maybe slightly uncomfortable to help myself get out of a rut, I went all in.  It was definitely the saving grace for me and for Mike.  I highly encourage you to consider giving it a try.  It’s THREE DAYS and you can do it anytime.  Monthly, quarterly, whenever you feel like it.  It has become one of the easiest things we ever do to de-bloat, reset our system and feel incredible.  There are a few different ways to get this kit.  I recommend the full kit.     


If you have gone back to that all too well-known pattern and are getting frustrated with not seeing what you had hoped for in that mirror, or if you just returned from a weekend getaway or vacation where your nutrition was less than ideal and maybe a week with no workouts, I know your mood and motivation are dwindling faster than you can process.

Together, we can close that gap between you and your goals by designing a better plan that is just for you specifically, and your needs.  Just click here and we’ll set you up for massive success.

I will NEVER suggest to you something I have not done myself!

Much love from over here in Iowa City, and I truly look forward to hearing from you!!



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