Network Marketing is the Future

March 8, 2018by antiaging guru0

Network Marketing is OUR future.

No one starts out getting rich in Network Marketing.  But the potential to gain more wealth than you dreamed possible is there 110%.

Network Marketing is the future.  Big box stores are the past.  You see our one-time favorite stores closing every day, or pulling out all the stops to risk change and stay open.

People prefer to shop online instead of the malls.  It’s faster, easier, no driving, just navigating the internet.  No crowds, no unsure and unsafe feeling.

How much more money do you spend in online shopping than actual brick and mortar store shopping…if you’re like me…you spend quite a bit more.  I can walk out of a mall with no bags.  Online I don’t think about that.  I just get what I want, especially if it’s free or discounted shipping.  More choices, more sales.  Free returns.   Shop in your pajamas.  Add-ons and specials that you don’t find in the 3-dimensional stores.  Are you one of those (like me) who gets interested in something at night…and gets hooked ordering make-up or workout clothing and shoes?  I am telling you, that it is a pattern that I am really focusing on controlling.

Online shopping and eCommerce is a multi billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 8 to 12% in the next few years; suggesting that sales in the United States alone will fall between $427 billion and $443 billion.

People are not just spending more time online shopping, but they’re spending more money each time they do shop online. Business Insider intelligence forecasts that consumers in the United States will spend up to $632 billion online in 2020.  I truly believe that and I may just be a big contributor… LOL Really, I know it’s pretty addictive sitting at that computer, or on your phone while waiting for an appointment.

So, why has there been such a major increase in online retail and eCommerce activity?


Shopping online has increasingly become more convenient, mobile, and practical.

The new breed of simple-to-use eCommerce platforms, like Selz has made it easier than ever before for entrepreneurs, artists and creators, or small business owners to take advantage of this explosion in selling online from a blog, website or online store.  AND It’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur!

Consumers now have the power to purchase products from all over the world just from their tablets, smartphones and computers. With just a few clicks of a button, consumers can have anything they want delivered straight to their door or downloaded instantaneously. Now, who doesn’t love that?

  • 28 percent of online shoppers will abandon their cart if the shipping costs are too high
  • 47% of all online orders include free shipping
  • Shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included

According to a ComScore report, that 61% consumers are “at least somewhat likely” to cancel their entire purchase if free shipping isn’t involved.  I know I have done that very thing in some instances.

Which day of week has highest sales in the US?

When do you do your online shopping?  Did you know there is actually a pattern?

Surprisingly it looks like Monday is the winner here.  Check this out from an article I read today!

Here are 8 eCommerce statistics you NEED to know

  1. 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores
  2. 80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet, 50% of the online population have purchased more than once
  3. By 2019, it is estimated that there will be 224 million digital shoppers in the United States
  4. US eCommerce sales estimated to be $353.7 billion for 2017, increasing to $485.3 billion by 2021
  5. Only 17% of the small business market have tried creating their own online ecommerce store
  6. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others
  7. 28 percent of online shoppers will abandon their cart if the shipping costs are too high
  8. 55% of all time spent on retail websites takes place on a mobile device


Weird eCommerce Statistics

Studies show that:

  • 20 percent of American online shoppers have purchased from the bathroom.
  • 10 percent of Americans shop online when they’re under the influence of alcohol.



Where does that leave us?

Working as a Network Marketer with my online health and fitness business during the day and evenings is FUN and challenging at times.  It is a job I am in love with.  I set my own hours, I build my own team. I am the boss of me!  Becoming an entrepreneur is something anyone from any walk of life can do, and do easily on your own time.

Nothing is more rewarding than making an income and fulfilling your dreams instead of working for someone else’s dream.  What if you started now and could actually be a stay at home working mom by this time next year?

What if you could help your husband retire early, or help support your family members who are aging?  What if you were just FINALLY able to reach your potential and KEEP growing instead of feeling stuck…instead of going to the same job where someone else controls your hours, your paycheck and your life?

Imagine being more healthy and fit than you have ever been in your life because you made that decision to start.

Imagine having time to do those little things like grocery shopping, picking up the kids, planning meals, getting a workout in, having time to BREATHE without feeling like you’re giving up something else. And without feeling like you are rushing from place to place and letting something go because you need to get those groceries and you don’t have time to do both a workout AND get groceries.

STOP the madness

You can see that Network Marketing IS the future.  It is the future for all of us.  Nothing will stop that change from happening…but what YOU can do to get on top of all of it…is to go with the flow.  Find your passion, make it your business, then make it your paycheck!  It isn’t a quick fix, but it IS a LONG TERM fix and a legacy for your family!

CONTACT ME to get started because I hesitated at first and now I know why I should have gone for it without that procrastination!!  Network Marketing is not a scheme, it’s a REAL tried and true business that has been around for decades. It is now the best way to survive financially…and keep your sanity!!


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