Get Your Mind Right

May 10, 2018by antiaging guru0

I went from dreaming and WANTING to change my life to DECIDING to do just that.

I decided to do whatever it took to do what I wanted to do throughout my entire life. There’s never been a time in my life, no matter what else was going on, that I didn’t stop finding ways to do those things that held my passion. Even while being thrust into the role of care-taker for almost 10 years.

I had to get over my ultimate terror of spending money I “didn’t have” and know and believe that I could do it myself and do whatever it took, no matter what the cost. And I had to make TIME to get what I wanted, even if I was working 80 hours a week.

Because here’s the thing:

Not only did I face my fear of never having enough money or finding time, but I invested in myself. I believed in myself enough to take the leap and then demanded of myself that I would do whatever it takes. I did this subconsciously, just making it happen, nothing was so far out of reach that I couldn’t grab it. I had zero excuses.

Here’s what happened to the people who have done that very thing with my help –

• lost the weight they’ve always wanted to lose

• left  bad relationship when they were terrified to leave and move away from toxic environments

• found the relationship they’d been dreaming about

• quit that soul-sucking. mind-numbing  job that gets you nowhere except the same place you are now

• created a new profitable business

• and discovered that self-care is NOT selfish!

I love you and you love yourself…that’s how it works!!


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