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What is the thing that stops you dead in your tracks, and you have NO CONTROL over it…

It could be as common as a fear of snakes or spiders, to something as harmful as procrastination or emotional eating, smoking, alcoholism. Come learn how to get in CONTROL of YOU!
This is for anyone and everyone. I have clients who I want to desperately help. I also have a couple of things I want to get in CONTROL of in my own life.

As a trainer and health coach, it’s so important to ask this question.  How can I help them become a better version of themselves, get over their insecurities?  How can I help them learn to love themselves and to see what I see in their potential?  And how can we make this happen for them?  Of course, that’s what I want for each of them so they can be happier from the inside-out.

If you have problems with a constant HABIT or THING you do that causes REAL problems in your “quality of life” THIS might just be the solution, the re-wiring or re-programming you’ve been looking for…

Emotional Eating
Low Self Esteem
Public Speaking

Fear of water
Intimacy issues
Intrusive thoughts
Self doubt

How about…

Sports performance

The list goes on and on…

If you want to change the way you  THINK… FEEL… BEHAVE… about something, THIS is the key you’ve been searching for…to open the door.

Break those negative patterns on behavior with the CONTROL system workshop.


It is a full 1 day workshop for you to come with something inside – a roadblock, an unfounded fear, a habit that is causing health and/or family issues.  And on that day you will learn the whole CONTROL system and find your solution, slay your dragons and become empowered.

It is a very powerful tool AND the impact is massive as well as long-term.

My Role as a Trainer and Coach

Is SO much more than just helping you lift weight, count reps and do push-ups and pull-ups.  I need to find out what holds you back, why you stop, what can I do to help you make better progress and not backslide.  Help you over some hurdles and smooth out the road ahead.  Some trainers may believe this is  the only way to go.  I know there’s a lot more we can do to help each other and our clients.  We have a bigger role than that.

If you are a trainer reading this blog, remember this, we are stronger together.  Ask yourself what you want for your clients and see what you come up with…is it to just help them get stronger physically with more endurance?  Or do we have to include and incorporate thought and mind work to help empower them for life?

We all have different skills, specialties, passions and if we used these it would make a massive difference to our clients

The CONTROL system is a way of being able to talk directly to your sub conscious where all these little behaviors and ticks are housed.

Some people want to change millions of lives…I get that and that’s all good BUT, we can only do that one person at a time.

From the CONTROL practitioners:

Today was a CONTROL workshop with a difference we had 2 people on it instead of 6!

We did think about canceling then we thought NO WAY our mission is to change the world ONE person at a time.

So we went with it AND it was a fantastic day!

Both of our beautiful CONTROL ladies learned the entire CONTROL system


In the process of it, the made massive changes.

They came with something they wanted to change and rated the PAIN of that thing

0 – 10

0 being nothing and 10 being the worst

Both ladies were at an 8-10 each

By the end of the day

Guess what


Changing millions can only start with changing one … or two in this case at a time!

Please WATCH this interview.   

These are 1 full day workshops are coming to Iowa City in the Fall…The VERY FIRST USA workshops ever!  And they will be hosted by UK pros Laura and Barry Ash (Follow them on YouTube at and also on Facebook at Rock Solid)

I can’t stress how important this is for each one of you.  You may not feel that there is something stopping you, holding you back from living a better life.  But why don’t you come and see.

More Details on the Fall Workshops Coming Soon!

Please contact me for information and cost. Also SHARE with friends and family.



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