2B Mindset and a Changed Life

December 6, 2018by antiaging guru0

You all know that the 2B Mindset has changed my life.

It is absolutely the ONLY thing that has been consistent and easy to do. I have been doing it religiously since May 2018 and not only hit my first weight goal, but am now on my second goal.
I love it because it makes perfect sense, it’s slow – think 2lbs at a time and I promise you won’t get caught up in trying to find a way to make it go faster, because you will be completely satisfied – and for those reasons – I am IN for life! (Shark Tank fans will get that 😂)

I will be starting a NEW 30 day 2B Mindset community on December 26th.


This is Melissa C.
70lb loss!!   

I KNOW it is RIGHT AFTER the Christmas holiday and right BEFORE New Year’s Eve. So what if you just got a head start with the first week being your prep week, and we kick it in gear on January 4th?
Can you do that? It’s not expensive, but your health IS! Ask for it for your holiday gift!! Or gift it to yourself like I did last May. This is a NON-deprivation way of eating. 🥳🥳

If you are already in my groups, but want to try the 2B Mindset please message me privately.



This is Kathleen B. (slightly less than one year)
just shy of 100lb loss

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