Thankful and Peaceful

December 6, 2018by antiaging guru0

When I think of Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season,

I think about all those holidays spent throughout the decades.

One stands out the most…

While living on the road, playing music in the 70’s through the 90’s, most of my holidays were spent with family – whether in Indiana, or Texas, or with the musicians who were my family somewhere out there in the USA or Canada.

The one that stands out is one that I spent all alone in 1981.

Now, before you start feeling like “awww not alone…on a holiday”… I have to tell you that it ended up being the most magical, peaceful day I had ever experienced.

I’ve always been a happy, positive person and independent. But the thought of spending Thanksgiving alone was weird at first.

So, I did the “I don’t know what to do!” thing. Since it was not cold out, I decided to go explore the town I was in… talk about the dead zone! No one was anywhere! The stores and restaurants were closed and even the doors to the church were locked!

Remember…this was before cell phones…


So I went back to the “band house”

and chose to just sit back and hang out with the owner’s puppy.

I loved this house to begin with…it was amazing. But there was a quiet patio with some comfy lawn chairs and beautiful forest-like woods surrounding the back of the property.

The dog who was my best buddy came with me to just lay back and listen to nature. Even the dog – who was still a puppy, just sat there with me.

We listened to the breeze, the pond water, and all of a sudden I felt the biggest wave of peace I had ever felt up to that point in my life. (I was about 27). This was the Universe wrapping it’s arms around me and slowing my life down for a day. I had never felt that before – that peace.

So, whenever I feel overwhelmed by my multi passion, multi business life, that’s where I go i n my subconscious.

I’ve always been completely comfortable on my own and that’s how it will always be. I am surrounded by loving, strong, heroic people, including my family and my friends who are also family.

I give them the best part of me every single day, because that’s how I feel every day. I strive to show them the Universe and what it can be like to have it surround you.That day was meant to be in my life…it was how I discovered that I was always going to be there to help other people. And most of you know the details of my life after that and through the early 90’s on. You also know that a new chapter opened up for me on Christmas Eve 2001.

Nothing remains the same. Go with the changes – find your peaceful space.

If you are not happy and comfortable with YOU, find a way to get there. It’s worth everything…especially for letting the right people into your life and heart.

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