Courtney Barrett

July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Shannon has help me in so many ways! When Shannon first became a part of my life I thought that my only goal was to “lose weight and be thin”. While she did help me to lose my weight, she did so much more than that!

She has given me so much knowledge on fitness and nutrition that it not only helps me with my goals of living a fit and healthy life, but I am able to pass this knowledge along to others, most important my family.

She has taught me how to break out of the box and be a supportive person to others and confidant in myself.  Most important, is that she is always there! Whether I’m needing her advice on a workout, meal plan or even just someone to vent to, she always is there willing to listen and ready to help.

My entire family is eating better and my girls are healthier than the other kids in their classes because they eat cleaner and love to exercise with me  😀