Ellen Wei-Fu King Rosenquist

July 6, 2017by highprrrr

I have always had issues with body image. My idea of “healthy” was weighing as little as possible and looking as thin as possible. I had always been able to keep up with my “healthy” goals with my usual activities and food restrictions. However, the older I got the harder it was to stay thin and weigh using my method.

I found myself gaining weight no matter how little I ate and how much I exercised. I gained 20 pounds in just a few years and I reached an all time high for me in terms of scale weight. I was beginning to feel desperate and overwhelmed in my quest to be “healthy”. I knew Shannon superficially from a mutual friend and knew that she was a fitness instructor and coach. I reached out to her and that is when my life and health changed for the better!

I should confess that I am a physician, so hypothetically I should know all of the proper ways to eat better and what it truly means to be healthy. However, I’m still human and I believe what I want to believe. Shannon was honest with me and made me accept things that I knew deep down to be true but never actively practiced.

With her motivation, I accepted her challenge to change my life. She taught me about nutrition and metabolism and the balance between these two things in conjunction with the importance of cardiovascular activity in order to change your body.

Within weeks, I started noticing results. I was eating about TWICE what I used to eat in a day yet I was still shedding the pounds. I had more energy even though I was working out more and expending more energy than I did in the past.

I reached my goal weight within a year.

Once I reached my weight goal, I was challenged by Shannon to create new goals for myself. I started strength training which was a completely new adventure for me. Shannon provided me with so much helpful information to help me get started safely…and when I injured myself she guided me through modifications until I healed.

She is always available to me when I reach out. She is always encouraging when I am discouraged. She is always motivating because she walks the walk everyday which makes me want to walk the walk too!