Harrison Bontrager

July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Working with Shannon has completely changed my life! I was always the skinny guy, I ate anything I wanted to, and never worked out regularly. I always wanted to get in shape but never knew how. Before I started working with Shannon I was in a low spot in life, lacking motivation and self-confidence. I knew I needed a change and it was time to accomplish something I have always wanted. I met with Shannon and she got me started with Beach Body’s Body Beast program. She checked in with me regularly and kept me on track, with her help and guidance I have completed Body Beast and now I am working on The Masters Hammer and Chisel. I can always count on Shannon cheering me on, through our messages, social media posts, and Facebook groups. Not only do I feel better, and look better, I have more energy towards life, and sleep better! Shannon’s energy fills a room and motivates you to do better, she is great at what she does and I am so happy to get to work with her.