Melissa Close

July 6, 2017by highprrrr

Melissa loves the products so much she became a coach!

I met Shannon almost five years ago when I went to the gym for the first time ever. She knew the friend I was with and they were saying hello. I didn’t realize she was a trainer at the time but I remember the way I felt when I was introduced.

There was an energy radiating off of her as well as warmth. I’m not exaggerating, it felt like she cared about me. I knew instantly that I liked her. I had no idea the role she would play in my life in the following years.

My adult life has been a struggle with temptation and motivation. I’d go through spurts of healthy eating and exercise and just as easily, or let’s be honest more easily, fall off the wagon into convenience meals and working too much, giving time to everyone else but myself. Shannon has always supported me and reached out to let me know I can do it, there are NO excuses. I’ve never doubted my importance or worth, but I’ve always seen it in terms of what I mean to others.

Shannon has helped me learned to nurture myself. I schedule my workouts, I make time for me. It’s actually possible! Because of her encouragement, I have tried workouts that I normally would have been intimidated by. They’re possible!

I am always impressed by how many people just like me that Shannon is always there for. Her network has allowed me have group support when I want it, I’ve made many new friends who are fitness minded and keep me on track. She also has the ability to make me feel like she has all the time in the world just for me.

I ended up joining the gym after that first trip. I’ve also done many at home workouts and learned to meal prep and eat healthy. I’m not good 100% of the time but I know I have support to get back on track when I need it. I’m stronger, healthier, and smarter than I was five years ago. It was and is a lot of hard work.

I credit Shannon for getting me to this point. I realize now that that first time we met, she did care. She truly wants to make the world a happier, healthier place and she’s succeeding.